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Why stadiums make great corporate event venues

why stadiums make great corporate event venues
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Event planners are consistently searching for one-of-a-kind venues for their team building or corporate event experience. Many stadiums and renovated sports facilities strive to position themselves as unique providers of meeting and event spaces in the industry.

Our partners Stadium Experience have a vast amount of venues available and represent some of the best sporting, conference and meeting facilities in the country. They're host to numerous prestigious stadium venues and are considered an inspiring choice for your next conference or team building event. In addition to large meeting spaces clients can book boxes that can be utilised for smaller meetings plus they have fantastic views of the pitch area. Using stadiums as venues can add value as delegates are excited by the prospect of walking around the grounds, halls and changing areas graced by their favourite sporting stars. There may even be a chance for delegates to spot one of their sporting heroes at the grounds, the possibilities are endless...

Many of these venues offer easy access to a substantial amount of complimentary car parking, this makes stadium venues convenient for both large scale events and exhibitions too. As well indoor meeting spaces they are host to a vast amount of outdoor space which can be utilised for outdoor team building events too. There's an array of inspiring packages at some of the most remarkable locations around the country, catering for team building events, conferences and away days.

Twickenham Stadium is also a top meeting space due to the venues stunning views over the pitch and located in the City of London. The venue has also created tours for all meetings, corporate events and offers space for up to 1200 delegates, class staff, AV technology and amenities. Host to 25 dedicated large event rooms and executive boxes.

For any corporate event it's important to consider what size of space is needed to accommodate your conference and delegates. The key is to choosing an event that is slightly larger than needed and accommodates for all the facilities you require. Stadium venues have a variety of spaces for all event sizes and are always fully equipped with the latest AV technology. Clients who use stadiums as venues for events benefit from receiving a remarkable corporate event at a top-class venue with first class facilities. It's time to take your event to the next level and treat your delegates to an inspiring stadium experience they'll never forget!

Have you thought about using a stadium for your next corporate or team building event? If you're interested in taking your next event to a stadium please contact us for more information.

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Written by Jenna Halford

20th Friday October 2017

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