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Why Team Building Is Important

why team building is important
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The phrase ‘team building’ has a reputation for being the old school office games or team challenges that everyone forgets within an hour of taking part. Everyone in the office tries to avoid being involved in the team building events going on around them and keep their heads down. It’s time to change the opinions of your employees and bring team building to your office in a more fun and creative manner.  Imagine everyone rolling around in foam and climbing giant inflatables with It’s a Knockout, or even getting stuck into mind puzzling challenges to win their team prizes with our indoor crystal quest. We can help with your next innovative and fun team building activity in or out of the office. 

Five reasons why team building is important to an organisation:

1. It builds trust between employees and the teams 

2. Mitigates conflict

3. Encourages communication 

4. Improve company culture 

5. Increase employee engagement 

Five reasons team building is important to employees:

1. Employees will feel appreciated which in turn will improve their performance 

2. Employees building upon their relationships with colleagues at work

3. Employees values towards the organisation will improve

4. Employees can have a sense of adventure and enjoyment at work 

5. Employees will gain transferable skills such as leadership and communication 

All team members should feel valued as well as put to the test in their roles, with our team building events everyone can be involved and rewarded for taking part. Make team building an activity your whole office can’t wait for! 

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Written by Jenna Halford

03rd Monday September 2018

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