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Yes to Events for 30 people

yes to events for 30 people
Christmas Activities

Meetings and Events can go ahead for up to 30 people!


Yes, it’s true we can still do events for 30 people! As long as Covid-19 guidelines are followed, and social distancing rules are adhered to. This has been such a hard year for us all, so as team building events, meetings, conferences, training days, and work away days 

can take place for up to 30 people, why not get something booked in now?

Teams at the moment are definitely finding it hard to keep motivated and keep morale up, it is becoming harder to feel that team spirit after such a long time. No one thought this would go on for the length of time it has and a team building event could be just what it needed to get your team through the next few months. 

As the situation doesn’t seem to be changing for a while, making the best of what we can do and doing what we can to bring that team spirit and motivation back will make the world of difference to your team. Show your employees that what they have done has been so important and their continued support and hard work is appreciated at such a difficult time. A team building event in these difficult times really will make all the difference and bring some happiness and excitement to the team being together in a safe environment, to rebuild motivation and morale for the coming months ahead. 


Here you can see the government guidelines confirming this as part of the visitor economy. 

Check out point 2.2.3


Therefore, as long as you can follow the guidelines and the venue has meeting rooms 

and space to accommodate with social distancing, along with all Covid 19 rules, you are safe.  


This may not be where we wanted to be with business, meetings, or events, but at least it gives us the opportunity to get together again and get these small events happening for us all to enjoy. 


So, why not get in touch to talk about what we can achieve and deliver together. We have lots of ideas, team building events, away days and corporate activities that are ready to work with 30 people and below.  


Don’t forget you can also check out our new virtual events range, which has already had some great feedback. Or get in touch if you would like a demo!


We look forward to hearing from you soon and running more successful events. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

23rd Friday October 2020

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