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Team Building Facilitation

Exactly what is team building facilitation? Good question! For starters, it's not a marketing buzz phrase! You'll no doubt want to know how and why a team building facilitator will benefit you. There are several key areas in which a facilitator can help. An impartial party can be invaluable when it comes to achieving aims and objectives on training days and corporate events.

A good team building facilitator will boost the effectiveness of your event by:

  • Observing teams in action
  • Ask delegates to complete quick reviews throughout the day
  • Hosting a question and answer session at the end
  • Providing post-event feedback

The aim is to ensure you get the maximum benefits of activities on the day and long after it. A facilitator will help you to transfer the new skills learned and insights gained during a corporate event to the office environment.

Bespoke team building events are our speciality. Each company has different needs and budgets. We take the view that team building facilitation should be tailored to suit each client. Our trainers and specialists closely observe teams and provide invaluable insights that help team leaders tackle a range of issues.

Bring a team building facilitator on board and delegates will enjoy a well-rounded, insightful experience. Our corporate events are about more than just having a good time! Delegates emerge with new skills, a deeper appreciation of their colleagues and will be inspired by meaningful messages.

Please call one of our events coordinators on 01773 766 050 or Contact Us for a chat about the various options for team building activities.

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