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December Update

december update
Christmas Activities

I hope you're all getting into the festive spirit this season, after reflecting on 2016 it's been a rollercoaster year at Off Limits Event Professionals. We've had plenty of exciting times and experienced some challenges along the way. We've had an incredibly busy year and managed to achieve an incredible 40% growth in turnover this year. 

We've expanded offices after outgrowing the Langley Mill base, the sales and administration teams have moved into spacious, global headquarters in Moorgreen, Nottingham. The offices are super spacious and equipped with the latest technology to help cope with the increase in demand. We've also opened two more successful escape rooms at Escapologic in Nottingham: Curio and Butcher. The escape room trend just keeps getting bigger and we're preparing to open up in a new city location next year; soon to be revealed!

We're looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us but feeling a little apprehension in the industry with Brexit looming. On the plus side we're planning to revamp existing opportunities and launch plenty of new events next year. 

If you're looking for an indoor teambuilding event for the New Year we're currently running a special offer promotion, 15% of indoor team building events. Motivating employees after the festive period can be tricky and teambuilding is a fantastic way to bring back momentum into the workplace.

Lastly, I'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and say thanks you for the continued support. I hope you get a well-deserved break and eat plenty of mince pies along the way. I look forward to catching up with you all soon and wish you all a prosperous New Year.   

P.S Here's a little Christmas reading that I'd like to share with you all:

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Written by Martin Stephens

09th Friday December 2016

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