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October Update

october update
Christmas Activities

Now the busy summer season is over we're heading towards Christmas at a fast pace. Before the big day descends the Off Limits Event Professionals team are busy delivering themed events to enhance your Christmas party celebrations, have you booked yours yet? If not we've created a range of themed and bespoke Christmas team building events and plenty of evening entertainment. 

As we head towards the last quarter of the year we're getting booked up with plenty of new events with an exciting drive towards 2017. Within the industry there's an air of uncertainty regarding 2017 and the B word (Brexit) is still on people's minds but not necessarily discussed openly as the weeks post referendum results. Here at Off Limits Event Professionals we are positive that companies will see the long term benefits of booking events, particularly with booking more international conferences given the exchange rates. We are constantly reviewing all costs so that we can provide more cost effective solutions and continue to be agile to the evolving industry. Especially as we operate most of our own events, approximately 95% of the events we deliver belong to us. In real terms, we're aiming to have a solution for all events and it's not just about cutting costs but about achieving our client needs.

In addition our venture into the world of 'Escape Rooms' is currently sweeping the country by storm, Escape Rooms are turning into a real phenomenon with plenty of positive feedback from clients like 'best in the country' and 'I've completed one room but I'll be back for more' We have more rooms opening in the next few months in Nottingham including Curio (currently in the final stages of beta testing) We're also getting excited for the launch of Escapologic in a new location early next year. There's no escaping the fact that the New Year will deliver more exciting opportunities for Off Limits Events.

PS. Take advantage of our current special offer offer with 15% off a wide range of team building events during the winter season.

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Written by Martin Stephens

24th Monday October 2016

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