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A Night At The Races

a night at the races
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A Night at the Races

Are you planning a fundraising event or a rewarding evening of fun for your employees, customers, vendors or suppliers? Consider a Race Night event to raise funds for your favourite charity, or provide an evening's entertainmnet at your next conference, awards banquet, or team building session.

Horse races are shown on a large projection screen. Attendees bet on each race, and at the end of the evening the horses are auctioned off to give an extra competitive edge to the event. After the initial introduction to the evening, the Bookmaker will issue race cards detailing the horse names, trainers and previous form. It is then an individual or team decision to choose the horse they think will claim victory.

Those betting will be on the edge of their seats during each race, cheering on their horse, or moaning with agony when their horse falls behind. Race commentary will be broadcast through a PA system during each race, adding to the excitement. Eight heats, each featuring eight horses, will be broadcast during the course of the evening with time between each heat for attendees to study their racing forms, and place their bets.

If the event is to be used as a fundraiser the bets will be real, and winners will get a percentage of the cash winnings with the lion's share going to charity. If the event is held as a team building evening, play money can be used, and prizes can be purchased at the end of the evening using the winnings.

Don't forget to provide ample refreshments throughout the event. Racetrack fare might include hotdogs, hamburgers, peanuts, popcorn, cookies and chips. Finger foods work well so that participants can munch away nervously while watching their horse run. A cash bar or an open bar will do much to help attendees throw caution to the wind and bet with wild abandon!

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