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Corporate Christmas Celebration

corporate christmas celebration
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Corporate Christmas Celebration

Christians everywhere are concerned about the elimination of the greeting "Merry Christmas" in favour of the more generic, "Happy Holidays." In the name of honouring diversity, Christians feel that their annual holiday of Christmas has been lost with the disappearance of Christmas trees and nativity scenes from public holiday displays. If your organization has supplanted the annual company Christmas party with a "Holiday party," it may be time to re-introduce the Christmas party to fully honour the diversity of your workforce. A Hanukkah party can also be held at either the same, or a different time, to assure that all employees can celebrate as their religious and cultural beliefs dictate.

Often, the office Christmas party is an event where employees drink too much and then do things they will later regret. To prevent this unwanted tradition from recurring this year, consider adding more structure to the party. Begin the event with a formal candlelight dinner, served to employees after inviting all who wish to speak, to explain what Christmas means to them. Play soft, instrumental Christmas music in the background.

Makes this years Christmas party a little different from the norm. We can cater for a wide range of events including the Traditional Christmas party, Unique Events, Daytime Events and Party Nights.

A gift exchange will follow dinner. Each attendee will bring a gift for exchange and place it under the Christmas tree. Employees will go in order of seniority, selecting and unwrapping the package of their choice. When all gifts are opened the more senior members of the group can exercise their right to trade their gift for another that they find more appealing. Attendees will then seek out the giver of their gift to express their thanks.

Following the gift exchange, music books will be disseminated and the group will sing their favourite Christmas carols. The evening wraps up with a dessert buffet featuring a variety of chocolate confections and champagne. Attendees will leave feeling the Christmas spirit after an elegant evening of celebration.

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