Corporate Cruises

Mixing business with pleasure is a common practice in today's corporations, and a corporate cruise is the ideal venue for a "work and play" event. A cruise can be used to reward a top producing team, entertain VIPs or board members, reward top sales personnel, or hold a training event. Three or four hours daily while onboard the ship can be spent in meetings, leaving ample time for entertaining shipboard activities and visits onshore at ports of call.

  • Up and At It: An early morning breakfast meeting each day of the cruise will give guests an opportunity to get the business of the day out of the way early. A guest speaker or planning facilitator can provide training or make progress with crafting a strategic plan as the sun comes up. Most cruise ships provide state-of-the-art meeting rooms that will accommodate a meal meeting with minimal intrusion into the team's work. A three-hour meeting beginning at 6:00 AM will satisfy the work goals of the day before reaching the first port of call.
  • Team building events: Cruise ships are brimming with activities that can be used as team building competitions. A game of water volleyball in the ship's pool, a climbing competition on the ship's rock wall, a skeet shooting contest, a shuffleboard or ping-pong challenge, or an ice carving competition will encourage team bonding and allow team members to know each other in new ways.
  • Spouse events: If spouses or families are invited along on the trip, a program should be provided for them so they are entertained while their spouse is in meetings. Workout sessions will a personal trainer, a makeover in the ship's salon, a wine tasting class with a wine expert, dance classes, or a massage class will keep the cruise interesting for husbands and wives alike. A nanny service can be provided to care for the children for designated periods throughout the days and evenings to give Mom and Dad a little time off to enjoy one another.