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Corporate Fun Days

Does your organization claim to be a "family-friendly workplace?" The next time a valued corporate team is sent out of town to obtain training or attend a team building event, it would be a family-friendly gesture to allow each employee to bring their families along to enjoy a family fun days. To prevent boredom or interference on the part of the families while employees are in meetings, an itinerary of events can be planned to entertain all members of your teams' families.

A mix of fun and informative activities can be slated for families. Gourmet cooking classes, a foreign language lesson, a class in calligraphy, a basket weaving course, stained glass art instruction, or a belly dancing class will provide spouses with new skills, and a create a new interest for some. Bringing in a local artist to give lessons in drawing and painting with various mediums will encourage new means of self-expression. A visit to a local potter to learn how to throw and fire a pot will allow each spouse to take home a handmade souvenir of the trip.

A spa day, a guided tour of local points of interest, a group shopping trip, or a visit to a local zoo or arboretum will provide an enjoyable way for families to get to know one another. A tennis match, a horseback ride, water aerobics, parasailing, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, a round of golf, or a group visit to a local gym for a workout will provide spouses with energizing exercise, and potentially introduce them to a new sport.

A self-esteem building class, a stress management seminar, a time management workshop, a gender diversity presentation, or a round table facilitated discussion on the challenges of parenting can provide useful information to spouses interested in personal growth.

Whether the spouse program event includes entertainment, education, or a mix of both, your employee and his/her family will appreciate your commitment to building family stability as a corporate benefit.

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