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Hunt for Treasure

Back in the 20th century, the office treasure hunt was simply an evening or a weekend informal get together organised by a couple of willing volunteers in the office. The usual format was something like this: meet up in a car park somewhere in teams of three or four; pick up your photocopied list of clues; drive along some country lanes ending up at a pub somewhere, where everybody would then have a few sandwiches and the organisers would mark the results.

That was great but the office treasure hunt has come a long way since then and is now recognised as an excellent corporate event or teambuilding session. A well organised treasure hunt is now a much more sophisticated affair which can include cameras, mobile phones and so on, and is produced by specialists in the corporate events field.

The 21st century corporate treasure hunt is designed to develop the skills that your staff need to use each and every day in order to function as a slick team. Hunt for Treasure produce events which have clues that are varied so that all staff are able to take part and not just those who are good at crosswords! In order to succeed a team will need to use a wide range of skills including lateral thinking, communication, creativity, negotiation and planning.

Hunt for Treasure work in close conjunction with east Midlands had based company Off Limits in order to supply you with the perfect corporate day out in virtually any European location - Paris, Berlin, Rome, London.
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