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Learning Competitions

Is your staff tired of attending conferences, reading instruction manuals, and attending meetings to learn how to use the latest software or equipment to be integrated into your operations? Hold an event that will inspire deep learning while providing a stimulating and entertaining learning experience for your employees. Here are a few suggestions as to how to present new learning in a captivating and effective manner.

  • Hide and Seek: Teams will compete against each other to find, and piece together learning clues. Clues may be hidden throughout the brick and mortar organization or in cyberspace. Each team is tasked with finding 10 learning elements, and putting them together to give a 10 minute presentation about the topic at hand.
  • Make it Work: Teams will be given instructions as to how to operate a new piece of equipment or software. The team's task is to apply the instructions and make the new item function as intended. The first team to accurately apply the instructions will give a demonstration to the full group, and receive a prize for their hard work and ingenuity.
  • Why, Oh Why?: Teams will meet and receive a set of instructions without being given the rationale as to why each step in the process exists. Teams go to a breakout room to implement the instructions, and then discuss why each step in the process was needed to make the device or software work. Teams reassemble after a given time period to explain the rationale behind the tasks. This technique stimulates a deep level of understanding of the processes being learned. The team who is most accurate in their rationales will win a prize.

Between each round of learning, teams need to be given an opportunity to participate in an entertaining physical activity such as a three-legged race, an egg toss, or a tug-of-war - all parts of a fun School Sports Day to energize the participants and keep the event interesting.

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