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Murder Mystery Dinners

murder mystery dinners
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Murder Mystery Dinners

Are your employees less than enthused by the prospect of another "Annual Awards Banquet" where longevity awards are given to employees for their loyalty to the organization? Why not spice it up a bit this year by having a Murder Mystery Dinner instead? In short, a murder mystery dinner is a live enactment of the game "Cluedo" that many employees enjoyed as children.

The dinner is themed to match the mystery setting, so the theme may as diverse as a Caribbean Island setting where employees come dressed as Islanders with grass skirts and brightly coloured shirts, or it may be an Italian villa mystery with guest dressing as Italian peasants. A Mexican Mission Mystery might feature guests in serapes and straw hats. Kits can be purchased to give costume instructions that are appropriate to the murder theme.

The food served during dinner will reflect the theme featuring the cuisine of the setting. Kidney pie might be served at a Sherlock Holmes mystery evening, while steak and caviar might be served at a James Bond "A View to a Thrill!" event. Plot lines might include exotic genres such as "A Night at the Oscars", or "Casey's Nightclub". The food, décor, costumes and an intriguing plot will combine to make guests feel as though they have been transported to a different time and place where a real murder has occurred.

Select employees are given roles to play in scenes to be acted out between each dinner course, providing all guests with clues to discuss while the next course is consumed. As the drama unfolds, a room full of super sleuths will attempt to deduce which of the play's characters committed the murder. The mystery is solved after dessert is served. Guests will enjoy playing detective, and the employee who solves the mystery will win a coveted prize. This 21/2-3 hour event will give employees something to talk about for weeks to come.

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