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Objectives Are Linked To Activity

objectives are linked to activity
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Objectives are linked to Activity

The thinking behind any kind of team building, is that it will strengthen or create a bond between a group of people, that will then be transferred back to the workplace. This will bring a new competitive edge to the team, and thus increase profits for the company or organisation.

The activity is normally chosen on what the objectives of the company are for the team. Not every activity is team based, as some objectives are designed to raise competition among managers for example, others are personality based tests, and some simply are for rest and relaxation.

In the main though, team work is the main objective, and thus dictates the activity. Here the group are given a task which they have to complete through working together. This element is not a choice, and each team member has to contribute something for the task to succeed.

This promotes trust, and camaraderie as people are forced to rely on one another in a shared experience. Also, a better understanding of a team's strengths and weaknesses is gained. This comes back to the workplace, and efficiency is improved and built on.

There are a few elements to be weary of however, and the activity and the thinking behind the team composition must take into account the element of confrontation between team members. Personality clashes, should they occur could break the team, and all advantages gained from a successful team building day, are lost, unless conflict is managed in a positive way.

Another element, is that any team building activity should not result in the humiliation of any team member, and should be in the spirit of fun. This is essential if beneficial results of team building are to be achieved.

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