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Paintball Team Building Competition

paintball team building competition
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Paintball Team Building Competitions

Today's work teams are being encouraged to be more competitive than ever before. Do the teams in your organization know how to defend their own territory while expanding their reach to capture more market share? Paintballing can provide an exciting means of developing offensive and defensive strategic thinking skills in your company's teams, and enhance their chances of survival in a kill or be killed business environment.

Teams can compete for a few hours or an entire day or night to build stamina and foster tighter interdependence throughout the team. With a variety of missions to choose from, most paintball facilities can design a scenario, or a mix of scenarios to build specific skills in competing teams. "Capture the Flag" is an example of a popular paintball scenario. Each team must prevent the capture of the flag flying over their base camp, while attempting to capture the other team's flag. Teams will paintball their way into the enemy base camp, take their opponent's flag, and return to their own base camp to score points. Team members will strategically position themselves as defenders and attackers to expediently capture the enemy flag while keeping their own flag safe.

Night time paintball games are especially challenging. Teams participating in this event are briefed on team tactics and are not permitted to speak during movements between battle locations. Upon finding the enemy, each team must devise an attack strategy to include the element of surprise using only hand signals. This new method of communication will enhance the team members' ability to communicate nonverbally with one another, a handy skill to have when covert corporate communication is required.

Help your teams acquire the strategies and team loyalty needed to fight the good fight on the battlefield and in the boardroom by sending them on a paintball adventure for their next team building event.

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