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Providing Strong Team Leadership

providing strong team leadership
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Providing Strong Team Leadership

The job of team leader has become more complex in recent years. A couple of decades ago team leaders were responsible only for "transactional tasks" in their role as leader.

Transactional Tasks of Leadership:
  • Day-to-day clarification of mission-critical performance expectations
  • Setting policies and procedures for the work
  • Necessary exercise of power
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coalition building
Today's leader also assumes responsibility for "transformational tasks" involved in moving the team towards a more empowered team environment.

Transformational Tasks of Team Leadership:
  • Envisioning a tough minded, but optimistic future
  • Identifying success measures to indicate progress towards this future
  • Affirming and regenerating team values
  • Clarifying the morale dimension of the work
  • Motivating and renewing commitment
Given the fierce competition that exists in the business world, it is no longer enough to simply transact business as a team. The team has to hold a high degree of dedication to its cause and mission in order to attain and sustain peak performance. Team leaders need to be both technically proficient and inspirational. The five tasks involved in transformational leadership assure that the team continuously makes its best effort in the face of mounting obstacles and shrinking timeframes.

Having a leader who believes that ongoing performance excellence is not only desirable, but attainable, and points the way to future success, not only gives the team clear direction, but also encourages them to want to succeed. A leader who continually reminds the team of their importance to the wellbeing of others heightens team commitment and channels team energy towards high quality outcomes.

Tough times call for tough measures, and the team leader who can stand strong in the face of ever increasing challenges will serve as an apt and admirable role model for even the most weary team member.
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