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Team Building Exercises

team building exercises
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Team Building Exercises

team building is not just a day out where a group of people get to build a raft or play golf together. There are specific purposes and learning outcomes from participating in team building exercises, and like all exercises of this nature, they are only beneficial if you act on the results from participating in them.

The goals of team building exercise, are usually predetermined before the events take place. Though in the main they are designed to build trust, camaraderie and self confidence, they can also be used to determine a number of other factors like competitiveness and ambition. They can also be used to help manage stress, and to improve morale.

It should never be underestimated that fun is a big part of team building, and that is why so many team building exercises incorporate this into their programmes. The idea is that if someone is having fun, they do not see team building as something they have to do because their company expects it, but something that they want to take part in. This way, they learn as they play, and that is why team building exercise can be so beneficial to a company or organisation.

Of course, the real effectiveness from team building exercises, comes with implementing what has been learnt. It may have become clear that one employee needs more support to meet objectives, while another requires less. It may have become clear that working a certain way is not the best way to work. This gives a company or an organisation an insight into how to direct the efforts of staff to produce more efficient output. This is why team building is so respected by industry.

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