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Team Rewards And Recognition

team rewards and recognition
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Team Rewards and Recognition

Why is it that team members are more proficient at saying "Shame on you!" than "Good for you!" to one another? Team leaders are no longer solely responsible for disseminating rewards to employees. A number of studies have shown that the most motivational and meaningful rewards are presented by one team member to another. Workers feel that those who are "in the trenches" with them are in the best position to recognize the exemplary results that they have achieved, and the extraordinary effort that they have put forth.

Here are three reward strategies that team members can use to recognize and reinforce each other.

  1. Each month every team member is issued four certificates to award to other team members who have provided valuable assistance to them. These certificates can be redeemed for 10 minutes of time off for good behaviour. Certificates are coded to assure that no one keeps the certificates to redeem for themselves, and may be used to extend break or lunch time.
  2. Team members are issued a box of cards so they may send a card to a team mate when they notice another doing something right. The cover of the card says "I caught you", and inside the card is a short handwritten message that details what the team mate observed, and why recognition is being given.
  3. Team members will be provided with one or two coded fast food coupons monthly entitling the holder to a free lunch at a local fast food eatery. Team mates award one another these coupons when top shelf customer service is noticed.

Encouraging team members to celebrate and reward one another's good works will inspire increased team cooperation and create a positive environment to support team success.

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