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Teams Coming Apart At The Seams

teams coming apart at the seams
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Teams Coming Apart at the Seams

Nerves are frayed. No one likes anyone. The team leader is struggling to regain control of the team, but the team is having no part of it. New projects are coming, and current projects are past deadline. Resources are scarce. As a matter of fact, there is talk of cutbacks, layoffs, and relocation. Your team isn't a team anymore, but merely a group of over-stressed humans who would rather be alligator hunting than facing another day at work.

Although this situation seems hopeless, it isn't. Here are eight quick tips to help your team regain its' wits.

As a team:

  1. Call a meeting and ask each team members to say why they came to work at this organization. This will help people refocus on the benefits of working at their current place of employment.
  2. List out the five most urgent problems currently facing the team. Make plans to resolve them by week's end, or at least make a specific amount of progress towards their resolution.
  3. Squelch any rumours that are circulating about organizational issues by asking top management which, if any, is accurate, and then publicize the conversation to the team.
  4. Make a prioritized list of needed resources. The team leader will attempt to procure as many of the listed items possible with utmost expedience.
  5. The team will meet more frequently, perhaps even daily, to solidify plans, and debrief.
  6. The team will be provided with a reward to honour their stamina. Make sure the reward is something that the team values.
  7. The team leader will increase his/her support for the team, and help team mates resolve conflicts that are preventing them from working together collaboratively.
  8. The team leaders will offer to provide the team with a protected hour each week to be used to organisation themselves. This investment will pay off tenfold in improved team productivity.
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