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The Company Open House

the company open house
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The Company Open House

Does your company have a new facility it would like to show to customers and community members? Have you begun to offer new products or services that need to be publicized? A company open house offers the perfect means of showcasing your employees, products, services or facilities. The bad news is that the traditional corporate open house is rather passé. The good news is that there are a myriad of creative ideas that you can employ to make your open house event the talk of the town.

The Epicurean Delight: Wonderful food can be a big drawing card to boost open house attendance. A gourmet buffet, an hors douvres smorgasbord, or a novelty attraction such as a chocolate fountain, or a champagne pyramid can be advertised as a drawing card to your next open house event. A spread of picnic foods, a popcorn machine, a sundae bar, and a snow cone maker can add interest to a lower budget event designed to appeal to families. A dessert buffet or a wine tasting will attract interest to your event, and add to the fun.

Games Galore: Games to amuse adults and children alike can be brought in to entertain guests. Pub games such as foosball, pinball, video arcade games, and skill simulators can be placed in lobby, patio or lawn areas of the facility to occupy some family members while remaining family members take a guided tour of the facility.

Virtual Tours: A 3-dimensional theatre can be constructed to show a video of production methods, international operations, or specialized features of the facility that cannot be accessed by touring guests.

Door Prizes: Coveted door prizes such as tickets to a sold out concert or sporting event will inspire interest in the open house event, as will high ticket raffle prizes such as a new car or a vacation trip.

Casino Evenings: Fun casinos are an ideal form of evening entertainment for all events. All guests can be given their own fun money in order to sample the taste of the real thing without breaking the bank.

Quiz Nights: Quiz nights provide a truly interactive quiz putting your teams to the test in a variety of rounds designed to put even the company "Mastermind" to the test. In order to ensure all guests are involved we combine a range of different rounds that will ensure everyone should feel that they know the answer...or will they?! Questions can also be written about your own company to find out once and for all who really is the company "know it all".

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