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The Team Building Exercise That Builds The most Self esteem

the team building exercise that builds the most self esteem
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The Team Building Exercise that Builds the most Self-esteem

Self-esteem is very important to us human beings, and plays a huge part in dictating our quality of life. It determines how we interact with other people, how we participate in a community structure, and makes a huge impact on what we are prepared to do in the course of our daily lives.

To a corporate company or organisation, the self-esteem of an employee is very important. The healthier the better is the rule, as employees with better self-esteem perform their roles to a greater degree of efficiency, and are more likely to inspire others while doing so. They will also have the confidence to make a positive contribution to the company or organisation as a whole, and will be a more valued member of staff.

Employees with an unhealthy self-esteem will still do a good job, but their performance and contributions will suffer due to lack of confidence and belief in themselves. This is in effect a missed opportunity from both the company's point of view, and that of the employee.

The right team building exercise can make a difference to building self esteem. A team building exercise which involves a group of people, could be the right choice as long as all members of the team are forced to participate, and that they all feel a little out of their comfort zone. The activity is good as it promotes trust and participation. As every member has a role, no one can hide, and everyone will hopefully see a value in everyone else's contribution, and get that beautiful sense of achievement from completing a task.

A team building exercise that involves the mind, such as a treasure hunt can also help promote confidence. As much of this is about cracking clues rather than a physical task, many clever people with self-esteem issues do not feel too out of their comfort zone. This results in more involvement with the task, and therefore they are more likely to gain a benefit from the team building exercise. Again, this will hopefully result in a sense of achievement which is a factor in building self-esteem.

This is just one reason to consider team building as a positive force for a company or organisation.

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