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The Well Tuned Team

the well tuned team
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The Well Tuned Team

No team is ever so good that it can't get better. According to the Japanese concept of Kaizen, continuous improvement is always needed in every workplace. Much like a fine automobile, in order to achieve and sustain peak performance, periodic tune-ups are needed to make small adjustments that keep the engine purring.

A team tune-up session presents 12 questions through which team functioning will be scrutinized.

  1. Are there sufficient high-priority goals in place to assure the successful accomplishment of short-term tasks?
  2. Are accountabilities clear? (Does everyone know who is responsible for what and by when?)
  3. Have we identified all barriers to goal attainment, and developed effective strategies to overcome the barriers?
  4. Are there any interpersonal relationship issues within the team that need our attention? Do interpersonal issues exist between our team and other teams that require resolution?
  5. Are there any modifications needed in the leadership strategies being utilized by our team?
  6. Are there any suggestions as to how to improve communications between our team members and between our team and other teams?
  7. Are we using the right tools to get the job done, or do we need to upgrade our equipment?
  8. Is our team adequately resourced? If not, what resources do we need to procure and by when?
  9. Are the reward systems that we have in place sufficient to make team members feel appreciated and recognized?
  10. Is the role of each team member clearly defined and known by all members?
  11. List the areas where our team has progressed and grown over the past year.
  12. List the specific areas where our team is in need of additional growth and development.

An annual team tune-up should precede the team's annual goal setting session and effectively sets the stage for team planning efforts.

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