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Hampers - Corporate Gifts with Virtual Events

Hampers are a perfect gift any time of year, why not send one to accompany your virtual event to create the perfect Virtual Christmas Party for your team and colleagues this year. 

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What's Involved?

We have a huge variety of hampers available and can even create bespoke hampers related to your business or employees. 

We can create hampers that are part of a virtual event, for example wine tasting or cheese tasting, we can send a hamper which includes your wines and cheeses and then your employees can login to enjoy a virtual wine and cheese tasting experience. Learn from an expert all about how to taste and experience the wine and cheeses, and then enjoy the taste sensation for yourself. These hampers are a great way to incorporate a gift, party, and experience all into one. All the team can get involved from the comfort of their own home, but still enjoy and experience and have fun with their team virtually.  

If you are looking for just a gift hamper this can be arranged and enjoyed maybe at a virtual meeting or on a virtual party. 

The ideas and options are endless when it comes to gift hampers, just get in touch to let us know what you are looking for and we can send you a variety of options along with budgets.   

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