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Murder in the Office

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murder in the office
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Murder in the Office - Virtual Events

There has been a murder in the office. Can your team take on the investigation, solve the crime files, and work out who is the culprit before they have chance to strike again? 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

This new virtual event will have all your team turning into top class private detectives, they will need to crack passwords and passcodes to access the victim’s phone and computer to find any files that may help solve the crime. You will need to match fingerprints and spot who is lying in suspect interviews, and can your team fix the CCTV footage to confirm if the suspects timeframes fit, or are they one of the main suspects?

This exciting virtual event will have the whole team working together to solve the puzzles and clues so you have a line of suspects, but then can your team put all the clues together to work out who the murderer was? 

With lots of different mini challenges and tasks throughout this event you will need to use everyone’s skill sets within the team to solve all the case files. Remember you need to look everywhere in a murder case, and you need to suspect everyone.

This thrilling virtual event lasts for 70 – 90 minutes and will have everyone on the edge of their seat. It will really bring your team together and show how important teamwork is, as without their cooperation and assistance there could be more victims.  

With actual suspect interviews and CCTV footage, this virtual game really does feel real and will add the pressure for your team to solve the crime in time to save the day and put the culprit behind bars. 

Play in different sized teams over your preferred video conferencing platform. Our experienced hosts will ensure the event runs smoothly, and they will even help with clues along the way if needed.

Suitable for groups of 5 - 350 players, this exciting experience will help engage, inspire, and motivate your teams.

Do your team have what it takes to solve the crime? 

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