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Virtual Advent Calendar - Virtual Events

Why not challenge your team to take part in our virtual festive challenges on the run up to Christmas! 

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Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Everyone loves to open an advent calendar and enjoy a sweet treat each day in December. Imagine a game that did just that but challenged you to 5 fun tasks a day that take no longer than 5-8 minutes to complete!

By downloading our app to a smart phone your colleagues will experience a totally bespoke game created just for you. Every Monday to Friday in December the game will open a new window on the virtual advent calendar providing a fresh set of new and exciting tasks. Collect points in your team throughout the duration and enjoy a bit of festive fun! 

You can also make it competitive and have a leader board, so each day you can see how quick each team member can complete the tasks, don’t worry all the tasks are very different so it won't be the same winner every day. 

These virtual events are a great way to keep your team motivated through December and to give them a little team fun each day through the festive month. It’s a great way to bring the team together virtually and give them something fun to communicate about.  


Up to 5-8 minutes per day – You can choose how many days you play for!

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