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virtual boogie bingo
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Virtual Boogie Bingo - Virtual Events

You have played Bingo before, but have you played Boogie Bingo? This virtual party event will have everyone dancing while trying to get a full house, virtually of course! 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Here's how it works: Instead of just numbers being called out in a game of bingo, we’ve replaced them with 15-20 seconds bursts of the most toe-tapping’, bum wiggling’ sing along songs from the past and present! 

This is Bingo but not how you know it, remember not to get too carried away with singing and dancing along, as you need to know the song to see if its on your bingo card to dab it off! A line is still the first aim of the game and then its all to play for the full house! Will you be able to stay focused enough to keep up with the game, or will the singing and dancing distract you, can you multitask well enough to do both?  

Our energetic game show host will keep you all in order and act as DJ for the event. The numbers on the bingo cards have also been replaced with artists and song name. So, with your bingo card in hand and your dabber on standby, listen out for the songs being played and mark them off as you would a normal game of bingo. The challenge is will you know what each song is to be able to mark it down in time?!

This fun and exciting virtual event will have all your team on their feet having the time of their lives! 

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