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Virtual Christmas Challenge

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virtual christmas challenge
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Virtual Christmas Challenge - Virtual Events

This year Christmas will be different for us all! Why not try our virtual Christmas Challenge, packed full of festive-themed trivia and fun challenges, the perfect way to bring your team together after such a challenging year! 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Guests will take part in 3 different rounds, including themed questions and photo challenges. Whether you're re-enacting your favourite Christmas film or working against the clock to score those extra bonus points. 

We will bring the teams back to the main meeting room at various points throughout the event to take part in some hilarious challenges! 

Get everyone in the business feeling the Christmas Spirit with these exciting virtual games, bringing fun and excitement to all employees. Just because its virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and for some team members, they may enjoy it more as they can let their hair down from the comfort of their own home. 

These new virtual team building games will get everyone involved and rebuild that team feeling and motivation bringing the team back together again in a fun environment.  

Let’s get that team Christmas feeling back with this great virtual event. 


Up to 75 minutes 

Two devices are required; one device for zoom and one for the app. Both programs are independent of each other so require separate devices. 

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