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Virtual Crystal Quest

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virtual crystal quest
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Virtual Crystal Quest - Virtual Events

Experience this exciting classic virtually. Get your teams together and test their skills in our virtual crystal quest, with all the excitement and pressure of the live event this virtual event will involve all team members. To complete this event successfully you will need to work together, showing great communication and teamwork.  

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Inside the game area you will find 4 quadrants that will test your intelligence, reactions, and mental agility.  Time is of the essence as you only have 60 minutes to complete as many of the challenges as you can and collect as many crystals as possible. 

The Cyber Quadrant contains anagrams, wire matching, calculations, and circuits. The Inca Quadrant contains deciphering hieroglyphics, moving maths, water measurements and picture games. The Pirate Quadrant contains map reading, coordinates, lock picking and riddles. The Elementary Quadrant contains picture puzzles, maths, music memory and symbol equations.  

There is a game for everyone to show their skills and learn new ones along the way. Collect as many crystals as you can to receive more time to double your crystal count but be careful you could lose them all in the final game. So, managing time against risk is essential is this final game.     

Play in different sized teams over your preferred video conferencing platform and race to see which team can collect the most crystals!  

Our experienced hosts will keep the group entertained and ensure the event runs smoothly, they will even help with clues along the way if needed. 

Suitable for groups of 6 - 300 players, this outstanding experience will help engage, ignite, and reward your teams. 


1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on your requirements and team sizes. Event will start with a brief for everyone, you will be spilt into teams to play the games and then back for a de-brief and to announce the winners. 

Will your team win the virtual crystal quest?  

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