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Virtual Escape Room - Virtual Events

Escape rooms have been a great team building craze and now they have gone virtual making them the perfect corporate event for this very different time. 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

We have created the outstanding Infiltrator, an escape game that will test your team and bring lots of excitement to your virtual meeting. 

Your team’s mission should you choose to accept it – 

Your mark is a Chemical research company, who would sell world peace to the highest bidder if they could, and as it happens, that is exactly what they intend to do. And what we intend to stop.

Their scientists created a new form of super weapon. It is currently stored in an inert state, each part under lock and key in two separate parts of the facility, so you'll need to get both pieces of the weapon in order to be sure they can't recreate it. When these two parts are mixed together, the weapon becomes extremely volatile. So, handle with care. 

The Director has buyers lined up on the black market, so time is of the essence, the consequences would be catastrophic. So, in simple terms, go inside, steal the chemical, and the team will deliver it to me. 

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go and steal ourselves a super weapon!!

Can your team crack the codes and work together to find the clues needed to succeed and infiltrate in time? Will your team be able to save the day?

Remember everything is a clue and nothing should be overlooked, get those detective skills working to find all the elements needed to solve all the puzzles, questions, and riddles. Communication is key as working together is the only way you will do this in time. 

Play in different sized teams over your preferred video conferencing platform and race for which team can complete the mission first!

Our experienced hosts will keep the group entertained and ensure the event runs smoothly, they will even help with clues along the way if needed.

Suitable for groups of 6 - 300 players, this outstanding experience will help engage, ignite, and reward your teams.


1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on your requirements and team sizes. Event will start with a brief for everyone, you will be spilt into teams to play the game and then back for a de-brief and to announce the winners.

Can your team infiltrate and win? 

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