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Virtual Family Misfortunes

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virtual family misfortunes
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Virtual Family Misfortunes - Virtual Events

This Virtual Event pays homage to the famous TV show, can you guess the answers the public have given or will you get an er errr! 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Get your teams together to go head-to-head in this fun favourite Virtual Event. When watching at home the answers seem so simple, but when the pressure is on can you guess the top answer first and if your team get to play, can you guess all five answers, or will your rival team get to steal the game?   

The competition is on and it's all to play for, this game is all about team spirit, communication, and quick thinking. Can you get the answer out first and will it appear on the board? With so many crazy answers and questions along the way, this virtual event will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves in no time.

This event is a great way to get individuals who don’t normally work together, working as a team and really communicating, as it’s not about skills, or education, or hierarchy, it really is a guessing game.      

So which team will take the prizes and winning glory, it really could be anyone, as who knows what the public will answer to what word could come before or after book?    

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