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Virtual Globe Trotters

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Virtual Globe Trotters - Virtual Events

Travel again with this virtual event, can you work out the clues in each destination so you can travel around the world? 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Hosted via a video call and using our interactive app you will be set a whole host of tasks to complete that require a high level of investigation, information sharing and problem-solving skills!

The team leader will be given a briefing sheet which will contain lots of vital clues, but they need to be able to communicate well with the team to pass all these clues over. These clues relate to the location you are virtually visiting within our app.

Teams will need to use their researching skills via the internet using websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, social media and What3Words to name a few. 

Once a team has cracked the clues relating to that location they can then progress within the game and continue to travel the globe whilst gaining points as they go.

Will your team be able to crack all the clues, will you be able to work out the locations in time to travel the globe, and will your team have the communication and problem-solving skills to work together to become clue finding experts?

This fun virtual event will have you feeling like you are traveling to see the sights again.  


Up to 2 hours, depending on your requirements and team sizes.

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