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Virtual Music Melody

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virtual music melody
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Virtual Music Melody - Virtual Events

Get your drums, hands, and percussion at the ready. Yes, that’s your pots, pans, buckets, hands and wooden spoons to make music like never before.

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

With expert instruction your team will be shown how teamwork and communication can really change everything, even turn your team into musicians with just some pots and pans.

This fun virtual event will motivate and get teams working together, bringing back cohesion and showing each team member what an important role they play to creating the tune to success.   

Experience the connectivity of team drumming in the virtual world. We bring you non-stop fun and musical energy to enthral any size group. You and all your colleagues will be performing together, creating one unified vision.

Option 1 - Participants simply use, wooden spoons, buckets, pots, etc. of their very own.

Option 2 - We send two Boom whackers to every home to use and keep.

Option 3 - Everyone takes delivery of their own drum as a company gift.

Hosted by your energised rhythm facilitator, your teams will be captivated as they all play their given parts over famous pop and dance hits.

This is not a drum lesson…this is a rhythm party that everyone is a part of.

Let’s get creating your team’s melody to success!

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