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Virtual Music Video Creation

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virtual music video creation
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Virtual Music Video Creation - Virtual Events

In the safety of your own home, teams will feel connected and inspired. Get ready to create your own company music video! 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Your guests won’t believe the finished product when it all comes together. 

We will send a short instructional video and then the rest is down to you! 

Each team will receive lyrics and a full backing track, you will take part in a band meeting via zoom to decide who sings what. After some inspiration from us, you will then record yourselves on your phone, laptop or tablets and simply send the clips back.   

Why not add; costumes, lights, back drops, props, and anything else you can find around the house! 

This is your time to become that pop star you always dreamed of and as its virtual it means no one will see until it's all finished and put together. Shock your colleagues with your outfit and moves in this virtual event and you can finally show who the real star of the show is. If you don’t feel that is you then you can always use fancy dress to find your pop star persona, or maybe get the family pet involved as your back up lip sync! Don’t worry if your singing is not pitch perfect you can always lip sync or use auto tune. This event is all about having fun and bringing all teams together. 

We will then collate, edit, insert funnies, and produce each bands final cut ready to present back to everyone involved. 


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