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Simons Group Case Study

simons group case study
Christmas Activities

Simons Group approached Off Limits Event Professionals to plan a bespoke team building event that involved plenty of communication, interaction and collaboration. The Simons Group were established in 1944 and have been offering property solutions tailored to specific needs for over 70 years. The long established, family owned business focuses on the retail, distribution and health sectors.


The award-winning property business pride themselves in delivering a first-class service to all their customers, suppliers and employees. The company believes in driving ideas forward, building long term relationships and connections with clients. The Simons Group were keen to book an engaging team building event for their employees that was relevant, unique and incorporated plenty of themed activities.

The client previously booked the Multi Activity and Crystal Amazed activity with Off Limits Event Professionals and wanted something again that would inject fun, creativity and encourage team bonding. The client booked a local venue with a large outdoor space to accommodate for each of the Game of Thrones themed activities.

The big event

The event kick started with a morning briefing by the Off Limits Event Professionals team on the series of themed and exciting team building activities. The spacious venue perfectly accommodated the full schedule and the activities blended with the clients collaborative and performance driven brand values.

The series of activities included unlocking the code in Armor Acquisition to completing the mind boggling puzzles in Decipher the Dialect. Axe Throwing was a fantastic activity for delegates and nothing screams fury in a fight than hurling an axe at the target. The Kubb activity is a 1000 year old classic Viking game of tactical intimidation and immersive ploys and teams were tasked to go head to head, aiming to knock down the opponents central king. Teams competed to reach the majestic target and with the aim to mow down of the opposing team's Kubbs. Other activities included Ship Sinkers, Archery and the Race to Westeros. The day concluded with Battleship Boats as teams were tasked to build their own working ship and race against each other in the grand finale. The activities were a great success for stimulating employee morale, enhancing communication and encouraging employees to step outside of their comfort zone.


The Simons Group commented on the team building event:

“This is the third time we used Off Limits Event Professionals, the event was really good and well organised. The events are always great and the staff are fantastic”

“The event was about having a laugh, a bit of fun and to galvanise our teams ready for the rest of the year"

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Written by Jenna Halford

04th Monday September 2017

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