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Bungee Running

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bungee running
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Bungee Running - Fun Days

Looking for something a little different to the average team building activity? If so, Bungee Running will fit the bill. It's a great way to encourage friendly competition in a fun, relaxed environment. Team members will go head-to-head to run as far and fast as they can up inflatable lanes with bungee cords attached to their waists.

Easier said than done, this team work challenge will get everyone participating and guarantees big belly laughs!

What's Involved?

Delegates will be split into teams. One member from each team will take their place in an inflatable lane and the fun begins.

They will be securely harnessed to the bungee cord and given a Velcro baton.

When the whistle blows, they'll compete to run as far as possible up the inflatable lane and stick the baton on the Velcro strip that runs up the side. The person to place the baton the furthest up the strip wins a point.

Just when they think they're on course to get to the end, the cord's power kicks in and drags them back to the start!

Bungee Running is a brilliant way to build team spirit, determination and will bond a group in next to no time.

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