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Can You Rock This - Indoor Events

Calling all air guitar heroes and karaoke queens!

Can You Rock This? is a musical team building challenge that takes talent, timing, careful planning and record breaking communication skills. Can you beat the deadline to record a show-stopping performance of a classic rock track? It's got to have star quality to wow our tight-lipped panel of industry judges.

What's Involved?

Can You Rock This? hits more high notes than a Jimmy Page guitar riff! Each team must work together quickly and efficiently to get all the elements of their performance pitch perfect. Pick a producer with a flair for pulling everyone together, a choreographer with the communication skills to get the talent moving to the beat, and a frontman or woman who's got the charisma to own the stage.

This is a team building activity with a tight deadline. You don't have long to get your performance designed, practised and recorded. Our music moguls will be looking for perfect lip synching and face-melting air guitar from the final performances.

It's up to you whether you perform a homage to the original video or choose to express yourselves with an all-new routine. One thing's for sure: with a race against the clock to pick a theme, choose your props and get your moves down, your team work and talents be tested to the limit if you want to lay down a piece of pop perfection.

Are you ready to rock team building to its foundations?

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