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Music To Make Teams By

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music to make teams by
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Music To Make Teams By - Indoor Events

School of Rock meets The X Factor in Music to Make Teams By. This is a fun and creative team building activity that illustrates the importance of cooperation and delegation. Teams will need to work together in perfect harmony to have a shot at winning our 'Battle of the Bands' competition!

Find out if they have what it takes to set the stage on fire like real rock gods. Using instruments supplied by us, each team will perform the same song. The results are always illuminating as each rendition is surprisingly different!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team Building Events
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Days

What's Involved?

We've got the tools but do they have the talent and team work skills needed to blow the judges away?

There's a bottle of champagne in it for the winners which gives this team building activity a competitive edge.

Music to Make Teams By starts with a briefing, after which the group will be split into bands. Our events coordinators will hand out the instruments and demonstrate how to play them. Teams will be getting to grips with:

  • Tambourines
  • Drums
  • Bass Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Electric Organ
  • Maracas

Leadership and delegation skills will be developed as each team tackles role allocation. Who will take the starring role as lead singer? Who will provide much-needed support with backing vocals? Will creative differences disrupt team harmony? What about costumes? There's more to a memorable performance than simply striking the right notes.

Good team work and time management will result in a sweet sound. A lack of cooperation and failure to play to the strengths of individual skills and talents will be immediately apparent when teams start to play.

Music to Make Teams By culminates in a nail-biting, 'Battle of the Bands' grand final. Teams will perform the song they've learned in front of our judges. Points will be awarded for quality of performance, costumes, artistic flair and stage presence.

If the final is a close call, our judges will get the two best bands to go head-to-head in an electrifying play-off!

We can arrange for the 'Battle of the Bands' to form part of the evening entertainment at your conference if you wish.

What are the team building benefits of this activity?

Music to Make Teams By is all about delegation, time management, communication and cooperation. It's a team building challenge that's fun but also demanding as it requires individuals to learn new skills in a short space of time in an unfamiliar environment.

We can create bespoke activities based on this event or check out our Commercial Creation Event.

This event is no longer available!

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