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4 times Endeavour nailed their challenge as a team on The Apprentice

4 times endeavour nailed their challenge as a team on the apprentice
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For those familiar with the 2013 season of The Apprentice, you'll know Endeavour worked pretty well together as a team. Here are 4 times their teamwork resulted in some massive wins.

  1. Flat-Pack: We'll start this list with Endeavour's biggest win: the flat-pack challenge early on in the series. The task was to design a new piece of flat-pack furniture and pitch it to retailers. Most orders received would mean a win.

From the early stages, you could see Endeavour had a better teamworking ethic. They discussed ideas in a focused way, and stuck to a single vision. Natalie, Evolve's team captain, attempted to listen to everyone's ideas - meaning no consensus was reached and a pretty lousy product was made. The lesson: always listen to your team, but rally behind that one good idea when it hits. Otherwise, you'll spend all of your precious time running around like headless chickens!

  1. Away Day: Next is something rather close to our hearts: the art of the team away day. Both teams had to organise corporate away days for two major clients, with the winner being the one with most profit.

Evolve invested poorly in key areas, leaving the fundamentals of a team away day badly executed. Endeavour managed to get the win even though they suffered from some hectic planning and heavy traffic. They pulled it off with one essential skill that teams all need if they're going to bond well: the ability to work on the fly and change plans at the last minute.

  1. Beer: One of the more tasty challenges in the series! The teams had to come up with a new flavour of beer and sell it for the most profit.

Endeavour invented a chocolate orange flavour, while Evolve went for rhubarb and caramel. Besides a couple of minor mishaps from Endeavour (sending in a brewery tasting team who didn't even drink beer, and not bringing any samples to a company pitch), they really pulled together to drive a high footfall to their stall on the South Bank. They played to each of their individual strengths and worked reactively to the crowd response, which delivered the goods on the day.

  1. Online Dating: This task was a tricky one that both teams had trouble with. The object: to come up with a new online dating concept with a television advert, and then pitch to a group of experts.

Evolve started on the back foot, as team members heavily criticised the market space itself. Jason's indecisiveness reared its legendary head at the worst possible moment, and he abdicated his role as team leader following a near-mutiny in Evolve's ranks. Endeavour fared much better, creating a solid team plan and completing the website and advert in good time.

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Written by Jim Alexander

14th Wednesday October 2015

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