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5 challenges won with teamwork on The Apprentice 2015

5 challenges won with teamwork on the apprentice 2015
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This series of The Apprentice has had its fair share of selfishness, with each candidate throwing others under the bus to protect their own job prospects. However, when the teams bucked their ideas up and worked together, we saw these 5 huge victories!

Cactus Shampoo

Versatile took on this challenge as a team, with their campaign receiving the high praise of being “one of the best” that Lord Sugar had ever seen. With Richard as project manager, an open forum for ideas was created and responsibilities were delegated to those with relevant strengths. The team was a well-oiled machine that nailed the task at hand.

Fish Food

While you wouldn't trust Versatile with a container full of raw calamari, you can't deny they worked together well to rapidly deliver and sell all of their fish finger sandwiches! Manager Selina ensured costs were kept down, and the team were always working towards the same common goal of delivering in time for lunch.

Handy Man

Connexus, helmed by experienced handyman Brett, smashed Versatile in this one. While Versatile fooled around in shops, doing practically no work at all, Brett's sub-teams really got their hands dirty. Even in the one time it didn't work out (cleaning the football stands), the team banded together to discuss options with the client. There was a great sense of team ownership.

Party Planning

Get out the cakes (hopefully without hazelnut icing)! Connexus got off to a ropey start by not getting the client's number. But once they got into the groove, it was plain sailing. Everybody started working in sync to deliver the best party possible. Even Brett and Scott, who were at loggerheads previously, came together like (quoting from Lord Sugar here) “the next Jedward.”

Pet Show

And finally, Versatile's win over Connexus by a whopping £1,023.22 was made possible solely through teamwork. David encouraged his team to grab the best products from the line-up, putting the right salespeople in the right areas to nail targets!

If you think your team can match up to these feats of teamwork, why not face Lord Sweetener in our very own Apprenticeship Challenge?

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Written by Jason England

15th Tuesday December 2015

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