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5 Ways To Be Happier In The Workplace

5 ways to be happier in the workplace
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The UK is falling far behind countries such as Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland in the global happiness rankings. Most employees spend the majority of their waking hours at work and it makes sense to be happy in your environment, according to last year's global happiness report the UK has been ranked at number 20 on the list. The UK has a lot to learn about happiness and improving workplace morale, here are a few tips to help cultivate employee happiness:

Start the day on a good note

How you feel in the mornings will affect your mood for the rest of the day, take a few minutes in the morning to savour your morning coffee or cup of tea. This means pausing to enjoy the moment and focusing on how you feel as you think about nothing else. Practicing these mindfulness techniques in the morning are key to focusing on the present moment, connecting with your inner self can help with relaxation and concentration throughout the working day.

Change your mindset

Denmark the country has been rated the happiest place on Earth, the country focuses solely on workplace morale and happiness. Danish workplaces have a long standing tradition of wanting to make their employees happy, for most Danes a job isn't just a way to get paid as they expect to fully enjoy themselves at work. From large training and learning budgets to working less and insane employment benefits. You don't have to wait for a big shift, look at your own perspective and expectations. How do you feel about happiness in the workplace?


It may sound obvious but smiling is directly linked to happiness. These two are linked, emotions between how we feel and react are so strong that our expressions reinforce our emotions. In 1989 Robert Zajonc published a significant study on the emotional effect of producing a smile. Experiments and evidence suggested smiling had a direct effect on producing happy feelings. Subjects who watched themselves smile in a mirror saw an even more pronounced change in mood than those who smiled without the mirror. See if this can boost your happiness and mood in the workplace!

Banish the boredom

Boredom often sets in when individuals are continually repeating the same tasks day in and day out, they'll become repetitive and mundane. If you're bored at work, seek the chance to learn something new or take on a new responsibility. Denmark's culture and institutions prioritise helping workers when learning new skills, encouraging interaction and regularly taking part in team building activities. Companies should invest in team building as engaged employees are worth the effort. Why not inject fun and enthusiasm with It's a Knockout team building? It's unique, unforgettable and a total scream. Team building injects plenty of fun, enthusiasm and creates a light-hearted atmosphere amongst colleagues in the workplace. Employees will work better together and it's important for the future progress of a business and creating a better community.

Leave the desk during breaks

If it's possible take some time to walk or spend time out of the office during your lunch break. In the same way you need food to fuel your body your brain also needs to recharge too. Studies have shown that eating in the canteen or going to lunch with friends is far more relaxing than eating at your desk alone – no surprises. Extra bonus points if you can squeeze in a nap on your break time too.

What are your thoughts on been happier in the workplace? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

26th Wednesday July 2017

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