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5 Ways To Motivate Employees In The New Year

5 ways to motivate employees in the new year
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It's the New Year and a new beginning for your company. It's a great opportunity to set the tone in the workplace for the year ahead. Motivating employees after the festive period can be really tricky, it's an opportunity to make self-improvement plans and create resolutions for professional employee performance. It's also a chance to wipe the slate clean and pave the way for a prosperous year ahead. We have listed the top tips on how to bring back momentum in the workplace at the start of the working year.

1. Create a vision

The start of a New Year is a great way to remind everyone about your company's vision and what the objectives and goals are for the coming year. This is a great way to motivate employees and for them to understand how they fit into the bigger picture and to achieve goals set.

2. Have fun

It's crucial to think of new ways to have fun in workplace. Keeping the environment fun and fresh will keep employees motivated and keep things interesting and entertaining. Perhaps consider running goal related contests each month to encourage employees to stay focused whilst having fun. Support sales teams by giving winners fun awards and celebrate targets achieved. Another option is to take one random employee to lunch each week to discuss their successes and offer guidance on how they can move forward in the next year. Perhaps make breakfast for the team every month to celebrate the completion of a project or group achievements. Employees will enjoy coming into work each day when efforts are recognised and appreciated. Many of our corporate clients like to encourage unique, unforgettable fun for team bonding through our It's a Knockout event. The game involves teams battling it out in the slapstick style, school sports day challenges. It's a total scream and will encourage employees to connect and have plenty of fun.

3. Help your team grow

Another way to motivate employees within the team is to present employees with new opportunities and grow them professionally. Employees will find it rewarding being able to do their day to day job whilst working on different projects in other areas the business. Also, working in other areas means employees can learn new skills and it'll add value to their overall knowledge of the business.

4. Give them ownership

Find an opportunity to involve employees in the decision making process instead of micro managing them. It's a renewed opportunity to understand employee skills and their value to the business. Employees will definitely be grateful and become more motivated and productive in the process. John Lewis not only actively encourages employees to perform in their day to day job but each employee also plays an active role as an owner. All 88,900 employees are partners in the company and part of ‘The John Lewis partnership' The employee owned structure means that every opinion is valued and on the spot feedback is actively encouraged between line managers and partners.

5. Provide positive feedback

It's important for leaders to encourage employees and give positive feedback about their work. Constructive feedback is crucial to supporting employees but it's equally important to hear when something positive has been achieved. At Off Limits Events we offer Mindfulness classes, focusing on team work and communication. An important element of the health in mind class is to learn about meditation, how to relax, focus on strengths, boost confidence and create a more positive outlook in the workplace. Of course staff motivation is not a once a year activity but should be a sustained effort all year round. It's a platform to create self-improvement plans and resolutions to increase a company's performance and efficiency.

Do you have any other suggestions to help increase motivation in the New Year?

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Written by Jenna Halford

09th Friday December 2016

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