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Autumn Team Building Ideas

autumn team building ideas
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Autumn Team Building and Corporate Event Ideas

Autumn is just around the corner and is the perfect time to get the teams together to build morale and get them ready for Q4.

With us all having such a difficult year and not seeing each other, working from home, and being in lockdown, now more than ever team building is so important to get teams back together and rebuild motivation and team morale.

Getting ready for a busy Q4 is more important than ever this year as all businesses have so much to make up for. With that in mind and with employees having had such a hard time, getting a team building event in before the really busy quarter will get them all back in the swing of things and will show how important they are to the business.

Here are some ideas for perfect autumn team building events – 

British Baking Challenge – With all the baking practice that has happened in lockdown teams should really be up for the competition of this. You should see some really impressive showstoppers after all the lockdown practice!

Multi Activity Days – Get your team feeling the wind in their hair on quad bikes, power turns, rage buggies, and micro tanks to name a few. While down on the track they could also try their hand at shooting and archery. These activities will really get the heart pumping and get the team excited and ready to face anything Q4 brings.

In It To Win It – Think the cube challenges but more fun, this event will bring out the competitive elements within teams as they go head to head to see who has the skills to win the different games. Each game is timed to add more pressure and excitement, this fun event will have everyone cheering to win.   

Race Night – Virtual races are now a thing of normality after lockdown, so why not host your own for your team to bring a great party spirit to any evening event. Place your bets to win prizes to add some more fun and competition to the night and you have yourself a winning evening. 

Crystal Quest – We can do this event indoor or outdoor weather depending or depending on the type of event you are looking for. With games in different zones will your team make it to the end and win the crystal? This is great for showing individual skills and how a team really pulls together to create success. 

So if you are looking for a great team building and corporate away day to get your teams back into the swing of things and bring the motivation back, please do just get in touch as we can help you today. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

09th Tuesday June 2020

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