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Competition Drives Us

competition drives us
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Competition pushes individuals to perform better

A little friendly competition helps bring individuals together in a team workplace environment. At Off Limits Events we have 20 years' experience of creating, hosting and delivering bespoke team building events to delegates with a whole portfolio of competitive events on available to our clients. Employees love a little bit of friendly competition and a majority of our events incorporate plenty of these competitive elements. Employers believe that this spirit will create a natural balance amongst colleagues and increase productivity, lighting a spark with employees and contributing to a stronger and sharper workforce.

Competition can motivate individuals as it pushes everyone to exceed their capabilities and recognises they're driven to push beyond the boundaries of their teammates. Friendly competition through team building events such as Team Work Challenges and Soap Box Derby enables individuals compete to reach the top spot on the winners podium whilst also improving collaborative relationships. The Team Work Challenges event allows teams to build their own roadsters and compete in a series of challenges with each race requiring a different skillset. Team Work Challenges has a real competitive slant with challenges such as operation countdown where you can crack brain-busting cryptic clues on a super tight deadline. The reach for the sky deadline enables colleagues to unleash their inner Buzz Lightyear and build rockets that can fly further than the rest. If competition is delivered in a more relaxed way through team building events it encourages everyone to work together, create social bonds and strengthen teamwork. You can even take it a step further as competition fosters co-operation too which is the backbone of teamwork. Franklin Roosevelt commented that “competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where the competition leaves off” As you can imagine, there is never a shortage of grunting or moaning during team building events, especially amongst competitive individuals in the group. The point is to ensure that most of the event incorporates high energy fun to get employees collaborating.

Off Limits Events have perfected the art of encouraging competitive team building as well as keeping events fun and friendly

There is certainly a dark side surrounding too much competition, sore losers can spoil the fun as well as overzealous winners. How do you ensure that an event remains enjoyable as well as encouraging individuals to compete with each other? That is a secret Off Limits Events have perfected over the years, all our events incorporate a competitive element as well as friendly competition amongst the team members. Our event managers are designated to ensure our events encourage individuals to remain competitive as well as in keeping with the exciting element. This will leave no space for negativity and will boost morale and spirit amongst delegates on the event. It's evident that someone is likely to win during these events, if the entire focus is about winning then employees will leave feeling not good enough. It's not the best for your employees as events should bring out the best in your employees and not the worst, remember to remain ambitious but don't take it too far.

Retain an element of fun and flair throughout your team building event so your employees come out feeling energised and refreshed. It's about keeping competition healthy, fresh and exciting for all employees. Our events portfolio is continually expanding to incorporate these competitive elements and ensure team building events remain popular.

Do you think competition pushes individuals to perform better? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

27th Tuesday February 2018

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