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Christmas Activities

Tablet Treasure Hunt has been an absolute success in 2018 being one of our most popular events. 

We’ve put a modern twist on the original treasure hunt, we’ve added tablets. A superb app that sends you on a big hunt, you’ll come across a variety of questions, puzzles and games to win points. Race against the clock and beat your opponents. Team selfies, video challenges and real time features are all new to this modern treasure hunt. With a live leader board, you can keep a close eye on the other teams. Try and distract the other teams with messages, cracked screens and more to make sure that they find it hard to complete the task they are doing at that moment in time. We will not give any team a specific route, you will have to put your heads together and come up with a strategic plan to get as many points as you can. Find out who has the geographical skills to get you around collecting the most points from start to finish. 

This activity will have everyone engrossed right from the beginning to the end and running all over the desired venue/ location trying to be in close reach for GPS recognition to get the next challenge. The top three winning teams will be awarded medals, or any winning alternative dependent on the client.

Team Building benefits:

Improves and encourages communication 

Brings out competitiveness 

Requires forward planning and thinking

Improves relationships within teams 

Increases problem solving skills 

Time management 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

18th Tuesday December 2018

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