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Our event of the month for May is Claim of Thrones. Find out who the true leaders are in your team, and will they lead you to victory? Split into houses, you will need to create your very own house flag and armour. As well as a sturdy ship and horses must be trained ready for battle. Of course, target practice will be undertaken with events like archery and axe throwing. Within this event there are many activities to help bring your team to glory, and beat the other promising kings and queens these are:

Armour Acquisition

Ship Sinkers

Axe Throwing

Battleship Boats



Decipher the Dialect 

Race to Westeros 

Claim of Thrones is very competitive, but team cohesion must be built for success. Working together will bring down the other houses. 

Team Building Benefits:

Communication and collaboration 

Creative thinking 

Leadership & delegation


Encourages problem solving 


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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

30th Thursday May 2019

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