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Event Of The Month November

event of the month november
Christmas Activities

Our event of the month for November is the fantastic Santa’s Sleigh Box Derby, a challenging and festive team building event. Get your team together as it’s Christmas eve and Santa needs help building his new sleigh to deliver all the goodies. Using only basic materials and tools provided your teams will build sleighs from scratch and go sleigh to sleigh in a variety of festive races. There will be a winning team for the best festive creation, use your imagination and make it as Christmassy as you can. 

In this event your teams will need to decide amongst each other what jobs they will all have along the way building this new sleigh. Delegation and communication play a huge role when deciding who will be the manufactures and who on the team has the creative streak to make it sparkle and shine. Finally, who will have the responsibility to represent your team in each of the races? 

To make this event a little more challenging, each sleigh must pass an MOT to compete in the races. There will be four team trials that your team will compete in, each race requires different skill sets. Don’t worry, you do not need to be the next best mechanic to enjoy our Santa sleigh box Derby, you will be surprised at how well you can build a sleigh from basic materials and tools. Teams will have a limited time to get creative, so make sure communication is at its best.

With our Santa Sleigh Box Derby comes many team building benefits:

Improves communication 

Encourages creative thinking 

Leadership and delegation skills are tested

Increases problem solving abilities 

Increases awareness for others within the team and their individual skill set

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

27th Tuesday November 2018

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