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in the office team building events
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Are you looking for a team building activity that you can provide in your own office, with no hassle but heaps of fun?

Off Limits have you covered, we can bring so many of our events straight to your office for you to surprise your team with a morning or afternoon of non stop laughter! We don’t only bring the event to you; we will also provide event professionals to run the event for you. You have nothing to worry about on the day, apart from maybe thinking about how you become the champion of the event. 

Take a look at a few event ideas that we can bring to you in your office: 

Indoor Crystal Quest 

Who doesn’t love a challenge and winning crystals! We will bring to you a series of boxes which have different games inside them. The teams will have to complete the challenge within a certain time to win a crystal. This event works perfectly between lunch breaks as teams can come up and play when suitable. 


This event is hilarious and active! Get your colleagues up out of their seat and on their feet. You will learn the Haka with one of our Haka event professionals and trust us, you will love it! This event doesn’t take all afternoon, so it is a great little icebreaker to break the day up for your team. Split the team up and see who has the best Haka! You must try this one. 

Quick Quiz 

Test your team’s knowledge on the topics of your choice. We will come and host the biggest and best quiz of the year that everyone will be talking about – but who will be the quiz champion. We can tailor this quiz completely to your needs, you tell us the rounds and topics and we will deliver. Find out who in your team has the fastest finger! 

Picasso Picture Show 

Get your team thinking outside of the box and getting creative. You will work in teams to re-create a huge painting. This does require some team communication and listening. You will only be seeing a section of a famous painting and from that you will need to recreate that section. All teams will come together at the end to see how the whole painting looks. 

Movie Creation 

This event will help you to see who the real leader is in the team. Who will put themselves forward for director? Teams will need to work together to create the best scene from the movie, you will be surprised how much teams get stuck into this event and have so much fun. Each team will have a different scene and at the end of the allocated time the clips will be put together to create a team masterpiece. 

These are just a few of the indoor events but we have many more that we can tailor to your business needs and goals. Speak with our event planners to discuss what you are looking for and they will organise everything for you. 

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Written by Julian

03rd Friday February 2023

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