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Office Christmas Party Games

office christmas party games
Christmas Activities

We all know that as the Christmas break gets closer we are all counting down the days. These days leading up to Christmas can be made fun for everyone with some festive office games! We have team building games that can be delivered straight into your office. But we also have some great ideas for day to day office games. Keep everyone's spirit high and get into the festivities with some laughter! 

Here are a few of our office Christmas games: 

In It 2 Win It: 

An absolute cracker of a team building event. Gets everyone involved and competing to win! This will bring so much fun into the office and really boost team’s morale and motivation. 

Indoor Crystal Quest: 

Complete several challenges right from your office, these challenges are contained within portable boxes that we can place in your meeting rooms or office space. You will be going head to head and playing in teams to beat the boxes. Christmas songs on at the same time is a must of course!! 

Christmas Quiz: 

Test everyone's knowledge on everything Christmas! With team will be crowned the 2019 quiz winners?! We can theme our quizzes to any subjects you would like, it doesn't have to all be Christmas. May be add some karaoke in there...who doesn’t love a good sing along to Christmas music. 

Other Christmas party games: 

See who can create the most festive workspace: 

Before your office Christmas party, encourage your employees to decorate their desk area in a seasonal theme. This could be done in teams or as individuals. At your Christmas party announce your chosen winners. You could consider giving out prizes to the most festive workspace. 

Blind Christmas Tree

Pass out a piece of green construction paper to each team member. Each person rips the paper into the shape of a Christmas tree after placing the paper behind their back. The winner is the one with the best-looking tree. Who will be able to make the best bling Christmas tree? So fun to watch! 

Wrap Race

Hand out boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors. At the starting signal, players begin wrapping a box and the fastest person wins. Winner also goes to the team or individual that has the best style. The neatest wrapping will be judged so chucking it together won’t do. This one will get everyone heart pumping and boost the competitive spirit round the office. 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

06th Friday December 2019

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