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Reasons Why Good Leaders Encourage Creativity and Innovation

reasons why good leaders encourage creativity and innovation
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Creativity is the capacity to foster, solve problems and exploit new opportunities. A good leader with creative purpose is an individual capable of producing the conditions that boost and inspire employees in their team to generate new and exciting ideas. Fostering creativity in the workplace is perceived as important however it can be impractical to spend time on employee development when faced with day to day deadlines. In particular when employees are faced with repetitive tasks it can be hard to remember why encouraging creativity is important. It's crucial for companies to attract and retain these creative employees as they're the transformational leader's needed to foster healthy risk-taking at the early grass roots stages. This will encourage happiness and productivity in the workplace, unfortunately companies fostering creative thinking is often on the back burner but when nurtured over time the positive effects will blossom and grow. It's crucial for good leaders to foster and encourage creativity and this is why:

1. Motivate to create

Every employee has the potential to build a great new idea, this can be achieved when individuals are encouraged to speak up at meetings and give their input. Good leaders encourage innovation and push employees into new thinking and taking on different actions. Allowing everyone to get creative through events such as team building can lead to a greater flow of ideas through employee bonding. Introducing creative sessions will dramatically boost morale and contribute to employees feeling valued and this in turn will go a long way to boosting company loyalty. Allowing employees to express their individuality will lead to a reinforced to them reinforcing investment in a company.

2. Encourage individuality

Personal development is key for managers building and growing a creative atmosphere within teams. It builds a culture of self-determination where individuals have the opportunity to develop their own roles. Everyone within a team has different backgrounds and unique skills, this allows them to approach problems differently and identify different solutions. Encouraging team members to play to individual strengths will improve morale and quality of the work produced. This can be achieved through quick, fire fun team building events such as In It To Win It when an individual is chosen to take part in 2 minute challenges and utilising the strengths of individuals in the team is the only strategy for success.

3. Increases productivity

Creativity will drive excitement and in turn will drive employee productivity. Employees will generally become more enthusiastic about creative work when challenged in new and exciting creative ways. By encouraging creativity in the workplace employees will go back to their day jobs feeling refreshed and enthusiastic within their roles.

4. Avoid employee burnout

Allowing employees to explore creativity can go a long way to supporting engagement. Employees get bored of repetitive routine particularly when performing the same tasks day in day out. If they're allowed to branch out and try something new occasionally this will dramatically boost morale. Investment in mindfulness sessions means colleagues interact more positively with colleagues and it creates a revitalised team building culture. The result is a happier, focused, more productive workforce that is beneficial to employees, clients and the overall bottom line. Practicing mindfulness in the workplace increases morale, enhances focus, improves communication and provides better interpersonal management. When feeling relaxed in the workplace in can contribute to employees feeling more at ease to contribute new ideas.

How do you encourage creativity in the workplace? Do you have examples of where good leaders have fostered creativity and innovation? We'd love to hear from you on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

10th Friday February 2017

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