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The secret power of singing in teambuilding

the secret power of singing in teambuilding
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We all love a good sing-along from time to time, usually with a stiff drink! Research from the University of Oxford has shown that singing can be a great ice-breaker, bonding groups faster than other activities.

The study showed how people in an adult education class grew incredibly close over seven months through the power of singing.

"Given that music-making is an important part of all human cultures throughout history we think it probably evolved to serve some purpose,” research co-author Dr Jacques Launay commented.

“Evidence suggests that the really special thing music does for us is encourage social bonding between whole groups of people playing and dancing together".

If you're looking for the perfect harmony of teambuilding, check out our ‘One Voice' event for your next away day!


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Written by Jim Alexander

03rd Tuesday November 2015

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